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Our Advantage

 Chase Partners LLC is a small and nimble executive search firm addressing the C-suite and senior management in Life Sciences. We follow the success of innovative leaders in drug development across the USA and Europe.  We identify the best from the average through leadership and innovation assessment to show how they are likely to adapt to new cultures, helping our clients understand and manage risks of new hire and career transition. To help our Life Sciences network grow and develop, we share insights and best practices from innovative Life Sciences leaders of small to mid-size Biotech and MedTech firms. The result is the rapid completion of assignments to identify and deliver the best available talent to our clients.



Life Sciences Leaders

Chase Partners reference our personal relationships in the Life Sciences Industry to get to the best talent quickly.

Life Sciences Industry

  • Chase Partners specialize in the Life Sciences Industry and have completed over 300 recruitment assignments.

  • With this, we have first-hand knowledge to the development of today’s leaders over the past two decades

Leadership Assessment

  • Chase Partners follow the success of innovation leaders in drug development around the globe with a deep dive across life science hubs such as the greater Boston region.

  • We can identify the best from the average and how they might adapt to new cultures through leadership assessment-helping our clients understand and manage risks of new hires and career transitions.


Focused Approach

We, at Chase Partners, take a focused approach which results in rapid completion of our engagements with superior customer service.

Introduce Successful Candidates

We, at Chase Partners, limit our workload to few projects which enables us to dedicate the necessary time to introduce the successful candidate to our clients usually in less than 8 to 10 weeks.

Immediate Communication

No off-limits

Being small and nimble – we contact candidates immediately and feed-back information to our clients  about qualified candidates quickly building a shortlist within 3 weeks and introducing benchmark candidates in record time.

Chase Partners have unrestricted access to talent acquisition


Personally Involved

Chase Partners are personally involved with establishing an exhaustive research for every assignment which ensures the best qualified candidates are identified and presented.

" We conduct thorough, original research for each of our engagements and expect to present a broad representation of the best talent available. "

- Chase Partners

Solve Needs

We, at Chase Partners, find leaders for Life Sciences companies and institutions that are striving to solve patients unmet needs through discovery, innovation, collaboration and growth. To help our network grow and develop, we share insights and best practices from innovative leaders of small to mid-size Biotech and MedTech firms. To do this, we produce, "When Leaders Talk Medicines", a biweekly video newsletter from C-suite executives who are pushing to break-up the traditional R&D cycle for more efficient drug development in diseases with significant unmet patient need. Our interviews all share common themes: how leaders use audacity, their range of soft skills, how they optimize networking resource and how they are fearless in fostering innovation. Chase Partners LLC strongly believes that being a leader requires lifetime learning and we want to help you on this journey.