• Jennifer Chase

Fred Ma Innovation Leadership Part 2

When Leaders Talk Medicines is a regular video newsletter produced by Nick Hicks and Jennifer Chase of Chase Partners.

In each episode of When Leaders Talk Medicines we speak with a Life Science Leader on innovation, leadership style and patient engagement. Dr Fred Ma is the SVP and CMO of Cognivue. In this second part, Fred Ma talks about the relationship between patient centricity and leadership, why the diversity of patient groups and advocates is so vital for gaining the RWE for informing research decisions and the source of his passion for finding the best possible treatments for patients.

Chase Partners LLC is a small and nimble executive search firm addressing the C-suite and senior management in Life Sciences. We follow the success of innovative leaders in drug development across the USA and Europe. We identify the best from the average through leadership and innovation assessment to show how they are likely to adapt to new cultures, helping our clients understand and manage risks of new hire and career transition. To help our life science network grow and develop, we share insights and best practices from innovative Life Sciences leaders of small to mid-size Biotech and MedTech firms.

The Cognivue mission is to elevate the gold standard of cognitive health assessment, reduce the stigma of cognitive issues, and empower action with early detection. Cognivue works to integrate within healthcare, government and private business communities to achieve broad awareness, accessibility and adoption of cognitive health assessment.

Dr Ma has recently had a study published in Neurological Sciences and Neurosurgery on what is going to make us stressed in the new work place and how leaders will need to manage this change.

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