• Jennifer Chase

Overcoming Obstacles in Drug Development

This is from a series of short videos making up an interview I conducted with Nick Hicks of Commutateur and his video series "If Medicines Could Talk" discussing my published article in BioProcess International - "Innovative Leadership in Drug Discovery" - click here to access the full article

Nick Hicks Another question, reading through the publication I saw that there was talk about an inhibitors of innovation and creativity within the companies. Could you explain a little bit more about what are the principal ones and how can you resolve these?

Jennifer Chase A constant theme that came up as I was interviewing these leaders is their constant ability to readjust according to clinical strategies, reevaluating regulatory and safety studies, reformulating plans. This requirements scientific leaders to be comfortable in a constantly changing environment. 

Jennifer Chase Another requirement is not to "fall in love" with your science. It may be that there's an identified path forward that a scientist has dedicated his or her work, yet being able to leave that path if new data indicates that it is not the path best suited for the patient's needs. Also, it is critical for drug development leaders to never lose sight of their purpose, the patient need. Great innovative leaders will always adapt  to better serve their purpose, their patients. And last but not least is the personal ego of leaders which can get in the way of drug development. It is necessary to have ego, but a healthy collective ego. The collective ego of a team helps maintain the purpose and passion ultimately driving the success of a drug.

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