• Jennifer Chase

Passion for the Patient Rules

This is from a series of short videos making up an interview I conducted with Nick Hicks of Commutateur and his video series "If Medicines Could Talk" discussing my published article in BioProcess International - "Innovative Leadership in Drug Discovery" - click here to access the full article

Nick Hicks Well, you've just had a very interesting paper published in BioProcess International because it really is, patient centricity starts in the test tube with the research leaders. And could you just give a very top line of what the paper is about.  They are the heads of R&D of some pretty major companies. They actually go and talk to the patients directly. They're not distant. They go and talk to them. Can you explain that a little bit more about what they do?

Jennifer Chase Understanding the patient is fundamental in transferring that knowledge from the patient to the science. And so understanding the needs of the patient is fundamental not necessarily having direct contact with the patient. Most importantly, innovative drug development leaders must share with all their constituents throughout the process their purpose or how their work will help the lives of patients suffering from the specific disease.

Jennifer Chase Clear communication across a highly diverse group of stakeholder can be a daunting task because it requires leaders to actively listen and communicate effectively across cultural boundaries with functional experts both in research, academia, government as well as the private sector. Constantly maintaining purpose and passion for the patient need across this dynamic and fluid  network is fundamental to the success of bringing patients breakthrough drugs.

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