• Jennifer Chase

Three Drivers of Patient Centric R&D

This is from a series of short videos making up an interview I conducted with Nick Hicks of Commutateur and his video series "If Medicines Could Talk" discussing my published article in BioProcess International - "Innovative Leadership in Drug Discovery" - click here to access the full article

Nick Hicks Welcome to this episode of If Medicine Could Talk, and today I'm delighted to be speaking with Jennifer Chase, who advises Life Science companies on Leadership.  Jennifer, welcome.

Jennifer Chase Thank you, Nick

Nick Hicks Well, you've recently had a very interesting paper published in BioProcess International, because it really is, patient-centricity starts in the test tube with the research leaders. And could you just give a very top line of what the paper is about?

Jennifer Chase I interviewed  people in innovation leadership roles whiling filling certain key positions for clients and while doing so began to understand the trends, challenges and needs of leaders in scientific roles like heads of innovation. This paper summarizes these findings and highlights traits of successful drug developer.

Nick Hicks What would you say are the three main trends which you saw coming out of that paper?

Jennifer Chase Clearly, disruptive innovators are entering the marketplace. Because of that, you see a co-dependence of a number of different types of companies, including Big Pharma, small biotechs and medical academia. And because of the co-dependence, there is a greater need for soft skills and leadership in order to facilitate working across those boundaries. Last but not least, the emotional intelligence of all of these leaders will play a big part in the success of drug development.

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