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October round up

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

The Remote Revolution - return to office ?

As life sciences navigates through the transformed landscape of remote work dynamics, it's become essential to understand how different regions approach this new reality, particularly the US and Europe. There's no magic formula but some insights from hybrid sports coaching may prove invaluable.

Innovate Within Bounds

Traditionally, innovation has been associated with thinking outside the box. By innovative leaders taking a different path and guiding individuals and teams to find their creative sweet spot within pre defined boundaries is also a powerful tool. SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking) provides a structured framework that has been driving creativity and problem-solving for decades in the food and engineering industries and now within the highly regulated field of life sciences.

Patients First: Rethinking Life Sciences Recruitment

Life sciences revolve around patients. The ambition of becoming genuinely patient-centric is at the forefront for the vast majority of life sciences companies.

When the focus is so deeply entrenched in patient outcomes, how can executive recruitment and talent acquisition play their part? How can they identify and select candidates who embody this ethos? At Chase Partners LLC, we argue that senior-level recruitment is integral to this mission. To this end, we have introduced an assessment tool designed explicitly to evaluate potential executives on their aptitude to be truly patient-centric leaders.

Deities of the C Suite

Archetypes of the Greek gods of Mount Olympus, describe behaviors and patterns of how those leaders got work done and what were their driving forces. In life sciences, as CEO self-awareness escalates, the Olympians offer a unique lens for introspection, enabling leaders to unearth their intrinsic leadership attributes.

Modern contemporary illustration of the Olympian gods. Lexi Kay Photos

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