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Why clients choose Chase Partners

Commitment to Patients, Candidates and Clients

Chase Partners demonstrates a strong commitment to recruitment in the life sciences sector, addressing the unique needs of patients, candidates, and clients.

  • For Patients: Recognizing the importance of a patient-centric model in life sciences, Chase Partners emphasizes the integration of the patient voice in product and device development. This approach is mirrored in their recruitment strategy for life science leaders. By focusing on both soft and hard skills, Chase Partners ensures that the individuals they recruit have a deep understanding of patient perspectives and needs, reflecting a commitment to patient-centricity in the industry.

  • For Candidates: Chase Partners offers a comprehensive onboarding coaching program for new recruits. This program begins with three sessions over one to two months and can be extended up to 12 months. The aim is to facilitate the new executive's adaptation to the organizational culture, encourage the building of trust with key stakeholders, and provide support during the transition period. This approach ensures that new hires are well-equipped to thrive in their new roles and environments, addressing the challenges of relocation and integration into a new company.

  • For Clients: Understanding the importance of retention, Chase Partners not only provides onboarding coaching but also conducts an assessment of the innovation culture within the client's company. This assessment, conducted in collaboration with two specialist KAI practitioners, aligns the candidate with the company's culture and their immediate team. This process, conducted in the first three months, is vital for ensuring long-term retention and the effective integration of new executives into the company.

Overall, Chase Partners' approach to recruitment in life sciences is comprehensive, patient-focused, and tailored to ensure the success and satisfaction of patients, candidates, and clients alike.

Passion & Conviction

Chase-Partners LLC was founded on a fervent passion for connecting people and a steadfast belief that as a nimble, senior-level search firm, we excel in delivering personalized services without the constraints often encountered in larger, global organizations. Our commitment is to surpass these larger entities by swiftly navigating to optimal solutions, leveraging our acute awareness of local leadership dynamics, and drawing upon our extensive international experience. We hold the conviction that a truly international perspective is embodied in the mindset of our partners, transcending the physical confines of an office.

With over 25 years of experience, our approach is meticulously crafted to prioritize client needs. By actively listening and focusing on a select number of clients, we gain a profound understanding of their unique cultures, enabling us to meticulously match candidates not just by their skills, but also by their leadership styles and personalities. Our streamlined approach removes unnecessary administrative overheads, integrating technology at pivotal stages of the search process to ensure that our clients receive dedicated and timely attention.

We encourage inquiries about our KAI assessments and onboarding coaching at the commencement of your search assignment. These tools provide essential objective insights that assist leadership teams in processing information and making informed decisions. Our approach reflects our passion and conviction in identifying the perfect match for every assignment, ensuring a harmonious integration of candidates into their new roles and organizational cultures.

" We work as an extension of your team to help you build your leadership team and achieve your most challenging goals. "

- Chase Partners

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