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Ready for a Move to Paris?

MEDIA RELEASE - Tuesday December 22nd 2020

Building on its specialist and patient-centered approach, Chase Partners LLC a Boston-based Life Science Executive Search firm is excited to announce the opening of a Paris, France office headed by Nick Hicks, responsible for the Company’s European Executive Search operations.

CEO, Jennifer Chase said, “Nick is the most qualified person out there to help spearhead our European operations with patient engagement now at a tipping point as it continues to drive change at all levels of the Life Science Industry. Leaders will need to be able to demonstrate both functional skills and their capacity to understand and then translate the patient voice into meaningful corporate strategy across the life cycle.”

Nick Hicks has developed deep expertise in building strategic partnerships between Life Sciences Companies and Patient Groups and related advocacy stakeholders that help guide research and access decisions by focusing on common interests. In doing so, he has gained a unique set of skills helping to maintain focus on patient needs and provide insight to innovative leaders in their drug development.

Some companies are already good at patient engagement while others lack the right skill mix at the senior level. The vision of Chase Partners is that all future senior hiring’s for which it is responsible will lead to the development of new treatments or services that use the patient voice for better-shared outcomes. Jennifer added, “Nick will help our clients make this transition.”

To learn more about our patient-centered approach or to discuss your senior executive recruitment needs further, please contact Jennifer Chase in Boston or Nick Hicks in Paris

More About Nick

After founding Commutateur in 2008, Nick Hicks recently established a partnership with Chase-Partners LLC, bridging his patient knowledge across Europe to American based life science companies who are interested in deepening and furthering their patent focus across geographic boundaries.

Nick has previously gained over 10 years of international experience with Biogen and Sanofi and 15 years of agency experience. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his ability in advocacy and strategic communications and gained deep knowledge in diabetes, lupus, MS, pain, plasma products, pain, renal and wound care.

As a native of England, he currently resides in Paris, France. He has received a MS in Neurochemistry, at King's College London and later received a European Market Access University Diploma (EMAUD), a unique and innovative program addressing key elements throughout each step of the drug life cycle. Since 2012, he continues to be a lecturer at the University of Marseilles, European Market Access University.

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