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September blog round up

Hired on level and fired on style

The way leaders problem solve is an important yet not well understood element of leadership style. Better understanding your style and those of the C Suite sets the innovation tone for the company and brings benefits to talent acquisition and retention, one of the big challenges for life science companies.

Navigating AI using cognitive diversity

Cognitive diversity is about ensuring there is the right mix of thinking styles working on solving a problem. AI is revolutionizing life sciences but it means a huge mind set change for successful long term application. The way we think will impact on how leaders and their teams solve problems with AI.

Going soft on toxic leaders

Trust is a key leadership skill. Taking an example from the US Military, its better in the long term to have a leader who the team trusts rather than a toxic high performer with low trust.

Trust; a currency you trade daily

Trust you know it when you experience it and t's an important leadership skill to have especially since workers at “high-trust companies” experience 74 percent less stress, while also being 50 percent more productive. Describing such an amorphous human quality is made easier when you break it down into its four different domains.

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